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You Got This: Mum shows off ’amazing’ transformation – NEWS.com.au

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Tempany Broadbent had put on 30kg of unhealthy weight – and even she struggled to recognise herself.

When the Brisbane mother-of-one was four months post-partum in July 2019, not only did she reach her highest weight of 90kg, but she was at her lowest mentally too.

“After I had my baby I had a bad habit of barely eating and then binge eating once she went to bed,” Ms Broadbent told news.com.au.

“I would eat anything I could find, but mainly a lot of frozen meals and excessive amounts of bread/cereals.”

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The 25-year-old refrained from going to social events, upset with how she looked.

“Finding something to wear would be so emotionally difficult. I was easier for me to shut myself away than deal with my feelings, so I isolated with myself and new baby.”

However, at the start of this year the former pro-wrestler decided to take control of her poor eating habits and completely transformed her body in just under a year.

“Finding the time and motivation to work out while having a young baby really took a lot of willpower,” she said.

“I do my workouts while the baby naps. So I never really ‘rest’ but it was the only way I could fit in the ‘me’ time and after a while it got easier.”

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Just a few months ago, Ms Broadbent decided to document her fitness journey on Instagram where she often gets praised for her impressive 10-month booty transformation too.

She said the “time frame and the overall shape change” of her body is what shocks her followers the most, with many branding it as “amazing”, “mind blowing” and “unreal”.

“I still get shocked when I see pictures and videos back,” she admitted about herself.

“Like who is that – especially now I’m growing muscle I get so excited seeing my progress.”

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She explained that she now follows a macro diet where she aims to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs, fats and fibre.

“I eat a wide variety of foods and still get to have little treats daily. I never feel like I’m missing out.”

The Brisbane mum trains five times a week, with up to three of those days dedicated to booty gains.

“I train booty about two to three times a week. You don’t need to train daily – a few times a week of strategic weights is all you need,” she said.

For her that means rarely any cardio and instead a few compound movements like weighted hip thrusts and lunges.

Ms Broadbent, who’s daughter is now one-and-half, said what triggered her journey was when she no longer recognised herself and wanted to “take back the power” to change her lifestyle.

“I didn’t want to be unfit and running after a toddler. I didn’t want to feel like I ‘let myself go’ because I had a baby,” she said.

“I had a hard pregnancy and binge ate to make myself feel better. I tried to lose weight but kept falling off until I started Bodies by Rachel in January 2020.”

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“At the start I tried to change my ‘all or nothing’ mentality and promised myself two weighted workouts and one long walk a week,” she said.

“And slowly but surely the fitter I got and the better I was feeling, my days started increasing and the weight started falling off.”

Ms Broadbent said she had to put her pro-wrestler career on hold after she fell pregnant, but she is determined now more than ever to get back in the ring.

“I am fitter than I have ever been,” she said, adding she is “proud” of her progress.

“I don’t pick apart my imperfections anymore. I just can’t believe my body and mind are where they are. I genuinely love myself for the effort I have put in.”

If you’ve got a transformation story you’d like to share, get in touch with shireen.khalil@news.com.au

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