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WWE Superstars Who Have Undergone Insane Body Transformations Recently – Essentially Sports

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There are a lot of wrestlers that have worked off the fat and made it muscle. Overcoming odds and hard physical restrictions, they now look better than ever. These are some of the most determined minds in WWE. Maybe they can inspire you to follow your workout routine too.

1.Bray Wyatt

If you think Bray Wyatt shouldn’t be on this list, ask Husky Harris. That was Bray Wyatt’s ring name during his first stint at WWE.

Husky Harris - Catch

Many of you may have forgotten about Harris. He was a member of the all-powerful Nexus headed by Wade Barrett. Even though he was part of the wolf pack, he wasn’t the most agile wolf.

Shortly after the Nexus collapsed, Harris left WWE over a lack of storyline. He then returned a few years later as Bray Wyatt. The body transformation he had gone through was huge!

Now looking more buff and fit as ever, he even formed his won cult-themed group. The Wyatt Family caused a few ripples in the WWE Universe.

Bray Wyatt: From WWE Champion to Deleted Jobber | Cultured Vultures

For his immense hard work and unique enough character, Wyatt was rewarded with a storyline against John Cena himself! His career went straight to the top since he returned.

Bray Wyatt combined the effective routine of dieting combined with working out, which replaced his fat with muscle mass. He undoubtedly has lost a lot of weight and we are yet to see more of him now.

2. Drew McIntyre

“The Chosen One” had a great first stint at WWE. Although playing more of a filler role, Drew McIntyre was an iconic character with a very distinct personality.

Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre: photos | WWE

Everyone expected great things for him. His entrance song “Broken Dreams” became a hit amongst WWE fans and he had the tools to be the ‘big bad guy’.

However, his run abruptly ended and he left WWE. Everyone pegged McIntyre as another talent wasted by WWE. That was until he returned.

McIntyre has evolved into a beast

McIntyre was fit before and he had an ideal body for a man. But now, the Scotsman is enormous! Building up an arsenal of muscles, McIntyre has become a giant.

Drew McIntyre WWE | News, Rumors, Pictures, Height & Biography ...

He makes “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar look small in front of him. His height is also much more prominent now. McIntyre has truly undergone a massive body transformation.

His popularity now among WWE fans is at its peak. McIntyre is the people’s champion and he knows it. His beastly look now puts chills in the hearts of those facing him.

3.Rey Mysterio

We bet you didn’t notice how much Rey Mysterio has changed. “The Master of the 619” has also gone through some serious transformation.

His height may not reveal it, but Mysterio has put on a lot of muscle mass and looks much bigger than he did those many years ago. He’s gone from underdog to alpha!

WWE legend Rey Mysterio's stunning body transformation from weedy ...

If you really pay attention, you’ll see that Mysterio has a lot more arm muscles and his body is much more defined than ever. He certainly prepared well for his comeback.

The days in which Mysterio was tossed around the ring are gone. He has become much stronger and we suspect a little taller as well.


No one expected Edge to return at Royal Rumble. The crowd was in shock and cheering at the same time. Arguably one of the most loved superstars of all time, Edge did come back for his fans.

Edge Png Hd - Edge Wwe Png, Transparent Png , Transparent Png ...

“The Rated-R Superstar” suffered several career-threatening neck injuries that would force him to quit wrestling. He decided to hang up his boots in 2011 amidst a teary farewell.

However, now he’s back and in better shape than ever. He claims that his neck injuries won’t hold him back from doing what he loves anymore. The perfect word to describe Edge now would be “ripped”.

Edge wasn’t letting anything stop him from returning to WWE

If you haven’t noticed, Edge has been through intense physical training to get himself back into shape. His abdominal muscles are clearly defined now and he looks a lot stronger than what he was before retiring.

WWE legend Edge explains body transformation at age of 46 after ...

Edge wanted to be in the best physical shape possible before returning to the WWE. He has achieved that goal and more. Proving that his neck injuries are no more, he withstood all the terrors of Randy Orton and came out on top.

Edge will definitely be looking at more matches and moments and he is in perfect shape to enjoy them.

5.Seth Rollins

Even “The Architect” wasn’t perfectly designed in the past. You may not have noticed the upgrade but there has been one.

Will he just go back to this hairstyle (With images) | Wwe seth ...

Over the years since his appearance as a member of The SHIELD, Seth Rollins has bulked up big time. The build-up was gradual and since we saw him almost every week we didn’t even notice it.

Rollins has been through superhuman physical training to get to where he is now. Earlier he was pretty undercut to take on the bigger wrestlers in the division. Now, he’s in perfect shape and can take on anyone WWE put in front of him.

Seth Rollins!!😍😍 He's so Hot!!❤ | Wwe seth rollins, Seth ...

Seth Rollins is slowly becoming the new face of WWE and has to fit that position. His huge body transformation has made it clear that he is no one to mess with. All he needs now is an attitude transformation, or does he?

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