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Worried about your child's health during the winters? Here are some tips to keep them safe – Times Now

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Worried about your child's health during the winters? Here are some tips to keep them safe

Worried about your child’s health during the winters? Here are some tips to keep them safe&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

New Delhi: Winters are one of the most favourite seasons for almost all children. Winter meant endless enjoyment – picnic with family, visit to the zoo, book fair, trade fair; etc, as a child. All the fun things happened in winter. Winter brings along with it the much-required respite from the sultry days of the summer and the monsoon months.

However, it is also a harbinger of a number of ailments characteristic to this time. During this season, infants and young children are more susceptible to viruses, infections, colds and flu. Since this year we are already dealing with a pandemic, it becomes more important that we take extra care. As the air outside gets chilly, signalling the arrival of the winter season, here are a few tips on winter safety that will ensure that the little ones remain protected always.  

Tips to keep children safe during the winter season

  1. Always keep them warm – Children should be made to wear warm clothing, that’ll keep the body temperature intact. Caps, socks and light woollen sweaters are a must since they keep the body warm. Other than that pullovers, jackets, mufflers, and gloves should be considered depending on how cold the outside temperature is. Always remember, children must be covered with a layer extra compared to adults.
  2. Wash hands regularly – Thanks to Covid 19, we are already washing our hands several times a day. However kids being kids, it’s better if we keep reminding them to wash their hands before and after any meal, and whenever they use the toilet. This will ensure that they don’t contract any type of virus and remain healthy.
  3. Drink plenty of water – During the wintertime, as the humidity gets low the body gets dehydrated very fast. So keeping a bottle of water always in their reach is better. Remind them to take a sip from time to time, as they won’t remember it themselves.
  4. Build up on their immunity – Food helps build immunity. Give them a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Make sure that their diet is a balanced one consisting of dairy products, cereals, pulses and proteins. Try to cut on junk food as much as possible.
  5. Outdoor activity – Because of the ongoing pandemic, kids are being restricted to indoors. Online classes and too much screen time has an adverse effect on their mental and physical growth. It’s always better if we can take them out in the park or some open area and let them play, of course keeping the social distancing part in mind. 
  6. Keep their skin hydrated – Cold and dry air usually takes the moisture out of the skin. Since the skins of babies and young children tend to be very delicate, it’s advisable to apply some light moisturisers from time to time. This will help in keeping their skin hydrated during this time.
  7. Use of humidifiers –  Some children complain of dryness of the mouth during their sleeping time. This is because of the low humidity in the air. Humidifiers can help treat the problem by increasing the level of humidity indoors.
  8. Keep medicines handy – It is advisable to keep some medicines handy, as it avoids last-minute panic. Since babies and small children can fall sick anytime, medicines for fever, cold, cough, stomach upset and skin allergies should always be available at home. 

If you use the above tips right from the onset of the winter season, your little ones will remain healthy and happy. Winters are supposed to be the most enjoyable time of the year. Let them cherish this time as it is meant to be.


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