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Weight loss tips: How can you lose weight without going on a diet? Simple trick revealed – Express

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Losing weight is not only essential for your health if you’re obese or overweight, but it’s also a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Finding the motivation to reach your goal weight is tricky, and 95 percent of diets fail. You need to make healthy eating a lifestyle change in order to keep the weight off. So how is this done? Express.co.uk has searched through expert advice and compiled a list of top tips that will enable you to lose weight without sacrificing too much.

Eat breakfast every morning

It can be tempting to skip breakfast in order to reduce calorie intake, but this is almost never effective.

Have you ever missed breakfast? A few hours later you are extremely hungry and need a snack to function.

You will then make poorer lunch choices and are more likely to fill up on unhealthy junk.

Even if you don’t feel hungry, have a whole-grain cereal, or fruit and low-fat yoghurt.

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Lean or low-fat protein is a great way to keep you feeling full.

Protein increases the levels of satiety (appetite reducing hormones), leaving you feeling satisfied after a meal, as well as slowing the rise in blood sugar.

If you eat protein in every meal, you will feel full and less likely to binge on sugary treats.

After you eat, some calories are used in the digesting and metabolising of food, and this is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF).

Protein has a much higher TEF sitting at about 20 to 30 percent, compared to carbs (five to 10 percent) or fat (zero to three percent).

If you eat protein in most meals, more calories will be burned while you’re digesting it.

Mindful eating

An easy way to lose weight is practising mindful eating.

If you aren’t paying attention to what you eat, it will take longer for you to feel full.

Paying attention to what you eat will help you to eat less, more slowly, and make better food choices.

This means no eating in front of the TV or while on the phone.


Calories can be hidden in drinks without you realising it.

Don’t waste calories on what you drink, as they don’t reduce hunger like food does.

Satisfy your thirst with healthy drinks like cold water, sparkling water, low-fat milk, or a little bit of 100 percent fruit juice.

Cut sugary drinks and alcohol out of your life as much as you can.

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