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Top Walking For Weight Loss Tips You Need To Know Now – Medical Daily

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Walking is one of the best ways for you to improve your physical activity daily and to stay active in life. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advised that adults should move more and sit less throughout the day and urged that some physical activity is better than none. 

Walking has many benefits, including improved heart health and mental health as well as reduced obesity risk. All of these benefits are linked to healthy weight loss, which makes it an effective and useful weight management tool.

Normally thought of as a way of going from A to B, walking helps you shed unwanted weight in the long term. To improve your overall walking and weight loss experience daily, here are the top tips that you need to know now, via Good Housekeeping:

Check The Weather 

Walking in the middle of a rainstorm is a big no-no. To avoid that, check the weather reports every morning before you start your daily jog. In the event that the weather suddenly changes, bring a charged phone with you to contact someone who will pick you up.

Hydrate Regularly 

Keep yourself hydrated regularly especially if you are heading out for a long-distance walk. Try to stay hydrated during the day and drink 2 cups of water about 30 to 60 minutes before your walk so it is out of your system and you will see no need to go to the bathroom. When you return from a walk, make sure you take a glass of water to rehydrate your body. Avoid sugary sodas or electrolyte drinks; water will do just fine if you are walking in a moderate intensity.

Get The Right Gear 

A pair of sneakers, and not flip-flops, will help with your posture during your walk and reduce your risk of injury. With the right pair, you can improve your stride and make a long-distance walk more comfortable.

Focus On Your Posture

Though walking itself is natural and requires little skill, certain postures and forms can help enhance your walk. Try to focus on keeping your chin up and your shoulders square. Activate your core and keep your back nice and straight. It is also important to engage your glutes with every step and tuck your butt upward. You will then want to land on your heels and roll forward to push off of your toes with each stride.

Pick Up Your Pace 

Walking in intervals helps you burn more calories while keeping your walk interesting. You can do this by following one of three different paces: stroll (similar to window shopping), brisk walk (which involves effort) and power walk (on a mission). Warm up with a stroll, then aim for a brisk pace throughout your walk and push to a power walk pace every five minutes to increase your heart rate.

Set A Goal 

Set a goal to know how far you can reach within 30 minutes or one hour. To optimize your walking pace, try aiming for 1.5 miles per 30 minutes and 3 miles per hour, equivalent to a brisk pace of 20 minutes per mile. Alternatively, if you cannot do either, do what you can. Any number of minutes walking is better than not walking and can contribute to your daily steps tremendously.

Walk On An Incline 

If you are indoors, use a treadmill that allows you to manipulate your incline, enhancing the caloric burn of your walk. If outside, try opting for a hilly area to optimize your walk. Increasing incline is suggested by research to enhance workout intensity while reducing impact on the legs and joints.

Walk With Someone 

Having someone with you can help you stay on track and make a daily walk non-negotiable. Try to find a friend or family member who will go for a walk with you a few times a week to keep you motivated.

walking ‘Quality over quantity’ applies to your daily steps, too. Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Ludovic Marin

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