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Today's coronavirus update: Kawasaki-like condition found in NYC kids, new airline rules – New York Post

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More than 80 New York City children have now been sickened with a baffling inflammatory condition potentially linked to the coronavirus, authorities said Wednesday.

The mystery disease — formally known as pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome, or PMIS — affects blood vessels and organs and has symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock.

It has already resulted in the deaths of two young children and a teenager in the state — though one Queens 8-year-old who survived was able to return home to a parade of well wishers Tuesday.

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Here’s what else we learned today: 

New York crisis:

  • New York Attorney General Letitia James said she’s probing whether the NYPD’s social-distancing enforcement is targeting minorities.
  • NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea got heated when responding to the accusations, saying, “I will also not have my Police Department called a racist police department.”
  • Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed that he has never been tested for the coronavirus, despite making regular visits to hospitals across the city.
  • And Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the eyebrow-raising claim that the state “did everything we could” to protect nursing home residents, despite nearly 5,400 people dying from the virus in the facilities across the Empire State, and growing calls for a probe into policies that forced them to take COVID-positive patients.

Research continues:

School’s in:

  • Most college students said they would go back to classes if their schools reopened in the fall — even if there is no coronavirus vaccine or cure.
  • In France, where schools have reopened, preschool students were forced to play in sectioned-off areas at recess to maintain social distancing.

Air travel:

Meanwhile …

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