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This Guy Showed Off His Incredible 2-Year CrossFit Transformation – menshealth.com

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When he started to get bored of his existing workouts, fitness YouTuber JustJoeLee decided to give CrossFit a try. While slightly skeptical due to its reputation as “elitist”, he was also curious, and especially interested in the dynamic, mobility-focused aspects of CrossFit classes, having only been doing simple push-and-pull workouts himself.

He ended up sticking to CrossFit WODs for two years and counting, and described his experience of training in a video last year. “The structuring of the programming really does fully encompass all the different fitness parameters you want to work on, whether you’re an athlete, or just an average Joe trying to get better at life and just move and feel better about yourself,” he says.

Joe started his journey at a weight of 160 pounds. After two years, he has put on around 5 pounds of muscle mass, and is feeling considerably stronger, and healthier in general.

“I’ve definitely put on a little bit of muscle,” he says. “A little bit of body fat, but overall I’m pretty content with how I’m looking right now. Not only that, strength gains for sure, but most importantly, the cardiovascular gains have been crazy. Probably because I didn’t do any form of cardiovascular exercise before CrossFit, and now that I’m actually working on it, it’s getting better. A lot better.”

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He also acknowledges that CrossFit can be incredibly cost-prohibitive to many people, with monthly gym rates starting at around $190. “I’m not saying CrossFit is affordable by any means, but it’s pretty comparable to any other boutique fitness class, whether that’s spin, barre, yoga, all those smaller boutique studios,” he says. However, he personally believes that the coaching and programming aspects in a CrossFit class are more cost-effective than paying for a one-on-one personal trainer.

“Overall, I love it,” he says. “I love the community, I love the workouts, and I kind of like how beat up you feel after some of the workouts.”

Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

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