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There comes a time in your life when you need to start taking your health seriously, especially as a woman. Forget about the money and success for a while and concentrate on improving your health today. See Realistic health tips for women:

1. Only take the vitamins you need: Vitamins enhance your mental and physical wellbeing since they come with lots of ingredients that will aid your health. For instance, the magnesium in most vitamins will decrease your levels of stress and anxiety. However, there are needless ones out there that do nothing for your body, go for the very necessary ones only.

2. Work out: Are you aware that several heart diseases kill several women every year? Not to worry though, a persistent practice of yoga, jogging, dance or any other form of work out will guarantee a healthy heart.

3. Get a dog: If you live alone as a lady, having a dog around will make you feel safer. As you already know, staying alone comes with some level of anxiety, but with a dog around, you should feel protected to an extent. Trust me when I say you’d need one.

health tips womenhealth tips women
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4. Orgasm: If you did not know before, an orgasm at least once in a week is very beneficial to your health. With every orgasm, your body actually releases hormones that enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing. It increases your lifespan too. Get some toys if you do not have a partner.

5. Say no to extreme diets: Fasting every now and then, drastically limiting calories, and ketogenic diets can be a danger to your health. Say no to them completely and continue doing everything in moderation. Do not restrict yourself from consuming anything, just be moderate with your eating habits.

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