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Pharmacist who destroyed COVID vaccines is gun-toting flat-earther: FBI – New York Post

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The Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed hundreds of COVID-91 vaccines believed the doses were microchipped — and is a gun-carrying flat-earther who thinks the sky is a government shield hiding God, according to an FBI affidavit.

Steven Brandenburg, 46, pleaded guilty last month to leaving about 570 doses of the Moderna vaccine unrefrigerated to deliberately spoil them, and now faces up to 10 years in prison.

He was quickly identified as the culprit by his colleagues “because of his vocal convictions against the vaccine” that he had been voicing “for months at work to anyone that would listen,” according to an FBI search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast.

Brandenburg allegedly told a colleague at Advocate Aurora Health Systems in Grafton “that he does not believe the coronavirus is real, and he thinks the vaccine is going to harm people,” the document said.

“Brandenburg thinks that the vaccine is ‘microchipped’ and will turn off people’s birth control and make others infertile,” FBI Special Agent Lindsay Schloemer wrote.

The colleague who reported him, Sarah Sticker, was alarmed by the pharmacist of 13 years because he “was very engaged in conspiracy theories,” the document said.

A person unpacks a special refrigerated box of Moderna Covid-19.
A person unpacks a special refrigerated box of Moderna Covid-19.

“Some of the conspiracy theories Brandenburg told Sticker about included: the earth is flat; the sky is not real, rather it is a shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God; and Judgment Day is coming,” the 26-page filing said.

He once also showed her a .45 handgun he kept on him at work — telling her he “kept it in case the military came to take him away.”

When first interviewed by investigators for his employer, Brandenburg initially claimed he left the vaccine vials out by mistake — before later admitting doing so on purpose, the document alleged.

“Brandenburg then explained that he believed the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine could hurt people and was not safe to administer,” the warrant stated.

He later emailed the health service, blaming sleepless nights while separated from his kids because of a “very contentious divorce.”

“My actions were inexcusable and I deeply apologize for the harm I have caused,” he wrote.

Divorce documents obtained by WISN show that his terrified wife had fled town and warned that Brandenburg was storing bulk food and guns over fears of planned attacks by the government.

Brandenburg was later fired and also had his pharmacist’s license suspended. He is due back in court next Tuesday.

His lawyer, Jason Baltz, did not respond to requests for comment, the Daily Beast said.

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