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Nat Geo WILD's Coronavirus PSAs Offer A Wild Look At Vital Health Tips – Screen Rant

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Nat Geo goes wild with a new series of coronavirus public service announcements to air on all of National Geographic’s Networks and social media platforms. Over the weeks and months since the world came to know the grim reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has greatly changed in numerous ways for everyone.

There have been recent signs that the curve of the pandemic is flattening in many nations. As of this writing, however, strict lockdown measures still remain in most, if not all affected areas. But even if it becomes definitively clear that the worst is over, scientists have been stressing the importance of remaining just as cautious as ever, in order to not destroy the gains that have been made as a result of practices such as social distancing and isolation. Throughout these difficult times, various celebrities, networks and studios have appealed to the public over the importance of some key elements, in order to lessen the risks of contracting coronavirus. Indeed, one of the bright spots of this entire ordeal has been the various attempts at normalcy that we are seeing more and more of lately on our TV’s or online.

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The latest network to join in the fight against Covid-19 is Nat Geo WILD. Using clips of animals – the original social distance masters –  such as penguins, a kestrel, an otter, some geese and a couple of bears, the network has provided us with some pretty charming health reminders. It’s important information – following CDC guidelines – provided in a cute way, and it does an excellent job of telling people about the methods that can help save lives. The reminders are also especially helpful for those with young children, as it places the information in a comfortable context. Check out the complete list of Nat Geo’s new PSAs below before they all air:

Socially Isolate

Be a Smart Bear: Bears typically like to socialize, but smart bears know when it’s time to paws, keep their distance, and growl from afar.

[embedded content]

Be a Smart Penguin: Penguins love cuddling with their friends, but smart penguins know when it’s time to isolate and chill.

[embedded content]

Wash Your Hands Often

Be a Smart Sea Otter: You never really know how dirty your paws are, that’s why smart sea otters wash their hands often. Scrub like a sea otter.

[embedded content]

Don’t Hang in Crowds

Don’t be a Silly Goose: Geese are known to travel in flocks, but smart geese know when it’s time to spread their wings and fly solo.

[embedded content]

Order in Food

Be a Smart Kestrel: Kestrel birds are stuck with their kids at home, too! Don’t let the chirping get you down, and order in your food to keep the whole family safe.

[embedded content]

It’s never too late to spread awareness on this issue. The extent of the damage that Covid-19 has caused still can’t be tabulated, and in all likelihood, it will be some time before we truly know its toll. In the meantime then, it only makes sense to do our best to avoid being a “Silly Goose”, and instead continue to be smart bears, otters, kestrels and penguins by following the above tips. Like others in the entertainment industry, Nat Geo WILD has clearly displayed its understanding that the more the public stick to social distancing, hand washing and isolation, the sooner life can return to normal.

The need for the current health regulations is a direct response to the devastation that Covid-19 has brought. It is a frightening time for all and few of us can compare this to anything else we’ve ever lived through. Yet despite the disparity that the pandemic has brought so many, it’s important to remember that things will gradually improve. What’s more, when all of this has finally passed, it will be a victory that all of us contributed to – even if that just meant being a smart bear, otter, kestrel or penguin.

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Source: Nat Geo WILD

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