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Midsummer beauty and health tips – The Jerusalem Post

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This week look for the softest pajamas, go back to natural curls, learn to keep your skin intact despite the mask and the heat, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.Comfy pajamas
It looks like we’ll be spending most of this summer at home, so instead of wearing old t-shirts around the house all day – Afrodita Underwear and Swimwear Company now offers a new and very cute pajama collection that will make the home-stay a little happier. What’s more, all items are made from cotton or from ecological anti-bacterial bamboo-fiber, and they are lightweight and very soft to the touch. I like their basic designs in lovely colors that suit all. This year, I especially loved their eco bamboo-fiber pajamas, first introduced in the Afrodita stores last year. The designs are classic and pretty, with long or short pants, color palette ranging from black to grey, light pink, navy and light khaki, adorned with very delicate prints and pretty lace details. NIS 139-NIS 249. Available in the Afrodita stores and online at www.afrodita.co.ilLightweight and stylish
One can never have too many bags and shoes. That is a given. But with only short excursions available to most of us these days, a smaller bag is called for, and I found just the right one at Swagg online shop. I am talking about the fashionable Italian Mueslii bag – it is small, yet large enough to hold a small laptop, lightweight yet strong and comes in many cool colors. I know their target-consumers are teens but I must admit that as a gray-haired teenager – it suits me beautifully. NIS 259, available at www.swagg.co.ilStylish summer edition
Beluga Vodka ignores the changes and insists on celebrating summer – as in every year. I agree with them – life goes on and we should try to have fun despite it all. Their new special summer edition bottles draw inspiration from leading vacation destinations around the world. The Beluga Noble Summer bottle continues the art-deco design of the winter bottle with stylish geometrical shapes that make this bottle of excellent premium vodka a bottle for collectors. NIS 155Enjoy the breeze
Bacardi rum Breezers have long been summer’s choice for organizers of beach and garden parties, which are very scarce this year. But we can still enjoy the cool alcoholic beverage – at home. The new summer 2020 flavor is apple, and I must confess it is rather tasty and very refreshing. Try it. NIS 10-NIS 15Pamper your feet
Walking around in open sandals has its obvious advantages, but also some disadvantages, such as harming the skin. CeraVe dermo-cosmetic brand launched a new rehabilitating foot cream for the treatment of very dry feet. The cream gently peels the hard skin while providing hydration and relief, as well as a protective layer. Containing ceramides, the cream replenishes the reduced level of these waxy lipid molecules, critical for protecting our skin from damaging environments. CeraVe’s special technology insures that the ceramides are released over time continuing to hydrate skin hours after application. NIS 44.90, available in pharmacies. www.hellobeauty.co.il/crv_minisite. The cream is recommended by the Israel Diabetes Association.Cool
Popsicle Day happens today (August 14), but you don’t need a special day to enjoy a cool Popsicle on a hot day, do you? I for one am always on the lookout for new favorites. Feldman Ice cream surprised me with new Granita Popsicles with grown-up flavors, such as Vanilla Ice and Cappuccino Ice, as well as non-dairy ones such as mango and strawberry sherbets. Beside the great flavor, the new Popsicles are only 97 calories. NIS 5Naturally sweet
Free brand of natural snacks, added, for their first time, snacks that are made for kids. The new Yeladudes Free snack without any added sugar, gluten free and with no artificial flavorings or colors, is made from dates, ground hazel nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, sesame oil and natural banana and strawberry flavoring. Perfect for an in-between meals snack, this all natural bar may actually also be a favorite among parents and grandparents. Just saying. NIS 14.9- NIS 19.90

Effective mascara

Mascara is one of those makeup items you always need more – if only because eye doctors recommend that you replace it often. Maybe that is why makeup companies keep coming up with new ideas about lengthening and thickening the eye lashes. This time it is Ga-De that introduces the new Effectic Velvet Volume Mascara – that provides an immediate “panoramic” effect to the eye lashes. The application brush is excellent and the texture very velvety, so you really only need one brush stroke to get the dramatic effect. NIS 89.90, www.gade.co.ilClear skin
Wearing a face mask in this heat results for many in acne. Even those who managed to finally get rid of pimples find themselves battling with many skin problems because of the need to wear face masks on hot summer days. Kamedis introduces effective products with no side effects. The company’s Ac-Clear line, including facial wash, hydrating cream, spot correcting cream and cloth masks, will, promise Kamedis’ experts, clear acne within 12 hours. The products are based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines, and the formula, Clear Botaniplex system, was scientifically tested and proven effective. NIS 172 for four items, available at www.kamedis.co.ilTurkish delight
Turkey may not be Israel’s best friend these days but that should not stop us from enjoying their wonderful cuisine. Willi-Food now imports to Israel the famous su-bureka, aka water bureka, one of the best kept secrets of the famous cuisine that was only available for those in the know until recently. Made from layers of dough – crispy on th outside and soft on the inside, and filled with hot cheese, cooking the bureka in water gives it extra finesse and lightness, while the oven finish adds the crispiness. The product is available frozen and needs only 10 minutes in the oven. Kosher. NIS 14.90 for 300 grams.

The Russian way

Enoteca announced special August prices on their imported premium alcohols, including the extra-premium Russian vodka Kremlin Award. They will give anyone buying Kremlin during the month of August a bottle of Schweppes Russian or Tonic. Established in 1936, Kremlin Award vodka became the drink of the Russian elite, thanks to the production traditions, secret formula and excellent ingredients. Cheers!Take cover
Finding the right foundation to use in the summer is not only about changing the shade, because our skin gets at least one shade darker during the sunny months even if we really try to stay out of the sun, but also because the heat and humidity are not best friends with makeup. Loreal Paris introduced for the summer a new line of foundations – Inflaillible Matte Cover, that suit the Israeli summer and help achieve a matte finish. The foundation is sweat resistant and neutralizes excess oil while providing a natural finish for up to 24 hours. Choose your shade from 17 different ones. Special August price, NIS 85.Fighting germs on the go
Nikol cleaning agents, expanded their line of anti-bacterial products, to help customers keep their environment free of viruses. The new line includes excellent To Go packs of disposable antibacterial wipes as well as wipes for rest rooms (in case you need to use public ones), alco-wipes for the home with 70% alcohol, reusable wipes with copper fibers known for their anti-bacterial qualities and more. All of the products are very useful these days but the To Go packs are really a necessity. Don’t leave home without them.Chocolate rogelach
Ugale added new chocolate filled rogelach to their line of excellent ready-to-serve yeast cakes and it is just perfect for days when it is too hot to bake. The parve personal cakes go very well with afternoon coffee and were very quickly consumed so I cannot say how long they keep fresh. NIS 7/90 for 400 grams.Simply good
Fighting skin problems that develop under the facial mask proves difficult even for those who normally have blemish-free skin. British brand Simple, introduces gentle and effective products to help with daily routine. Containing active ingredients and no artificial colorings or perfumes, the products work in harmony with each other to provide skin with hypoallergenic hydration and nourishment, at very reasonable prices. Line includes Clear Pore scrub (NIS 35), Coal stick for detox (NIS 49) and Clearing SOS serum for spot treatment NIS 39. Available at Superpharm stores.Bring back the curls
The humidity brings back your curls? Don’t fight it – go back to natural curly hair with the help of Style hair brand that launched a new line called Metultalot (curly) offering a complete line of products to meet the needs of curly hair, that contain a special frizz-control formula. Based on a technological patent called Keravis, which combines keratin and proteins, the products also contain only natural oils, vitamins and herbal essences that neutralize the static frizz. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hydrating cream, glaze for shiny hair, night mask and hair spray for curls.

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