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MAFS star Cathy Evan's body transformation | WHO Magazine – Who

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How’s things? What’s life been like for you since your time on Married At First Sight?

I’m so busy, but I love it. I’m back to my day job, but I’m also working hard on all my social platforms and keep as active as I can there.

People – women especially – really connected with you on the show and since. Why do you think that is?

I’ve definitely had a lot more love and support than I have haters and I’m really grateful for that. I mean, the haters are there but I definitely acknowledge the love and support from my followers more.

It’s incredible, it’s still coming in every day, because MAFS is always on TV somewhere and plus people just continue to reach out to me here too. I feel really good about that support.


Photo: Julian Rinaldi

You’re building quite a community. Was that always the plan?

No not at all but I feel so lucky that people want to connect with me. I love it. I don’t like saying ‘fans’, I feel like I’m tooting my own horn there by saying that at all, but I’m definitely proud of the community I’ve built.

It’s like a community of girlfriends. It’s great, so many women say to me ‘I’d love to be your friend, I’d love to have a drink with you or a night out’ and I’m like ‘yes! I feel the same.’ I want everyone to feel included. There’s so much around women tearing each other down. I hope my pages are the opposite of that. I hate for anyone to feel excluded out of anything.

Did you feel like that during your time on MAFS too?

Absolutely. Like, I hated it when KC came in and she was ignored by a lot of the other brides and grooms but I made absolutely certain she was always included when I was around her. I’m good friends with her now still.

That’s how I want everyone to feel when they connect with me on my socials. Everybody’s welcome!

You’re especially open and honest about your life online – why is that important to you?

I like to touch on everything really. I guess you could say I see myself as a guinea pig. I’m the one trialling all the procedures, or trying on certain jeans and saying if they really work with a booty.

I tell people my experiences, I document them – honestly – it’s like my public diary. I guess people are invested because people believe that it’s my genuine honest opinion – and it is. I never want to be fake. I just can’t. I want people to relate to me as a mate.

You talk a lot about treatments and cosmetic tweaks. Talk us through what you’ve had done recently or what you have had done.

Sure, there’s no stigma around this stuff now so I’m happy to shout about it! I’ve recently I’ve done quite a bit to my face but the thing is, I don’t feel like I look like I’ve done a lot to my face. I feel like I’ve enhanced my features to make myself the best version possible of me.

I’m not telling anyone what to do though. I do this for me because it makes me feel good. I absolutely don’t think you need to do anything if you don’t want to.


So what treatments have you done?

I’ve done filler, jawline treatments and undereye filler, which helps with dark circles. Cheek filler and I’ve done a little bit to my lips lately, just a little lip filler and anti-wrinkle injections.

How did you go about finding a clinic or clinicians to work with?

I did a lot of research and I strongly recommend anyone considering doing anything does as well. It’s the most important thing. I’m locked in now with Evolution Laser Clinic in Miranda. I have a great nurse I work with there. I think you know you’re working with a good clinic or nurse when they’re gentle, thoughtful about what you want to achieve and considerate about what’s going to look best for you.

I think you can tell somewhere is good, for cosmetic tweaks, if it doesn’t feel like they’re doing it for a commission or they’re trying the hard upsell on you. A good clinic will genuinely accentuate only the areas you need and will work with you every step of the way to achieve the best outcome – for you and to enhance your face.

Were you doing cosmetic treatments before MAFS?

Yes. I’ve been going to the same clinic for years but I definitely started making some subtle changes before MAFS. The most important thing to me was to still look like myself just the best version of myself. My next bit of advice, after doing your research is always start small and slow. That way you can, see the progression.

If you think you need more, you can always add but it’s really hard to take away. It’s vitally important that if this is for you, start small. You don’t want to look like someone else completely.

We’re you unhappy with your looks before this?

No, not at all, I’ve been on such a journey over the years when it comes to my body. Like, COVID has really messed with my fitness plans, I’m not going to lie. I’m not at the absolute best weight I want to be at right now – but that’s OK.

I know what steps I have to take to get back there. I’m not concerned it’s not stressing me out and I’m not upset about it. “Oh well, too many Tim Tams. I know what to do. Stop eating Tim Tams.”


What will you do to get back on track?

I love to lift heavy weights. Back in the past, I used to do bodybuilding competitions so weights are my forte and I love how they give you that muscle, tone and strength. I go for walks for extra cardio too but I prefer to lift heavy and eat well. I love to cook.

What’s your diet like?

I love to eat really delicious Asian food, especially Thai and Japanese. If I don’t enjoy my food then that’s when I won’t be happy in my day and in myself. So I try to eat healthy because I love to eat!

Do you think some women shy away from weights because of adding that muscle?

Yes, some do but it’s a good weight, you’re building muscle, you’re strong and strong is sexy! I really love that that curvier look is back in fashion now. I love having a waist, some boob and butt and thighs… it’s great! I just need to get back into being a bit fitter.

Have you done any other major cosmetic tweaks?

I had breast augmentation – that’s the only actually surgery or surgical treatments I’ve actually had, like under general and all that. That was a few years before MAFS. The reason I did that was because I had really loose skin on my bust, I’d gained weight and lost weight over the years and the elasticity in my chest wall had gone. I didn’t feel confident at all.

But as soon as I did the surgery- for me – I felt like the baddest chick around. I was that girl. I was turning heads and breaking necks! That’s what I felt like anyway! Look, I did them for me and I’m glad I did but I’m not suggesting anyone should do it just because I have. Or because someone else wants you to.

I like doing these procedures and treatments that some consider plastic, but I don’t like looking plastic, that’s not the aim. I don’t feel like anyone could really say to me ‘you look so fake and plastic.’ I can move my face. I want my boobs to jiggle!

Has it made you happier?

Totally, I look in the mirror and I’m ecstatic. I love getting ready in the morning. I’ve taken charge of how I want to look and I couldn’t be happier

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