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Jessi, Suzy and AOA's Seolhyun Included in Top 20 Best Body Transformation in Korea – Korea Portal (English Edition)

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Many stars undergo transformations throughout their career in the entertainment industry. Especially for those who have been an artist for a long time, it cannot be helped that they would.

In the recent episode of KBS2’s “All Year Live,” they presented the top 20 artists in the industry that have had the best body transformation. Can you guess which ones made it to the list?

Taking third place is none other than rapper Jessi, who released her first album in 2005 when she was only 17. While she had a petite look in her early days, she has since transformed into a having a sexier and more daring look. Known to most Korean hip-hop fans, Jessi has gained more popularity after being part of the project group Refund Sisters along with Lee Hyori, Uhm Junghwa, and Hwasa. Their release “Don’t Touch Me” topped the charts and scored a Perfect All Kill. 


Another person who made it to the list is Suzy, who recently starred in the drama “Start-Up.” Before focusing on her acting career, Bae Suzy was a member of the popular group Miss A. During her time as an idol, she was considered a little chubby. It was hard for her to lose the extra weight due to her busy schedule, especially as while promoting with Miss A, she was also shooting for her then drama “Dream High.” 

Another idol member who made it to the list is Seolhyun from AOA. Since her debut days, she has lost almost 20 kilograms due to a strict diet. 

Are you curious who else made it to the list? Song Hye Kyo is in 10th place. Her weight loss, especially during filming for “Autumn In My Heart” was very noticeable. Other actresses and actors to be listed include Kang Haneul, who actually lost 30 kilograms after exercising regularly. 



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