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Instagram model opens up about bullying and body transformation – – VENTS Magazine

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Life is a complex pathway full of ups and downs and sometimes walking on that path people might throw stones at you but only the wise and strong man knows the art of turning these stones into milestones.

Mark DeWitt white is a 26 years old American actor, fitness trainer and a model. He is also famous for posting fitness content on Instagram with a huge fan following where people know him as Markdabeast1. He is a famous public figure with an extraordinary physique. It takes a lot of courage to tell your shortcomings to others especially when you are leading an empowering life But Mark wants the world to know about his struggling experience of life.

People know his present life of achievements but he finally speaks up about his hard past as a bullied young boy. The story of his transformation into truly a beast is really motivating and worth talking about. Because it can help many of us to convert our inner weaknesses into manifesting beasts.

Few words about his Achievements:

Mark DeWitt White is a famous internet sensation known as Markdabeast1 on Instagram with over 65 thousand Instagram followers where he uploads the fitness-related stuff and motivational content to empower his followers and fitness achievers.

Mark DeWitt is a famous model and actor. He has done several modelling projects for some bigger brands and he signed to Wilhelmina Models which is one of the top modeling agencies.

Mark has also done supporting roles in some famous films such as Armed(2018), Sully (2016), Slasher party(2018), Glass(2019) etc. He has also made appearances on  TV as well.

Mark DeWitt as a Bullying Victim:

Mark says that he was bullied throughout his high school. An introverted young boy with just  a few friends found his high school life experience very struggling and disappointing. His fellow boys used to make fun of him because he couldn’t afford the branded clothes and other stuff. They used to discourage him and pick up fights with him.

This is not an uncommon issue that many teenagers face but usually it negatively impacts their life and thinking and snatches away their confidence and makes them suffer in silence. Mark felt the same pain like any other bullied boy could feel. But luckily Mark faced it rather than accepting it and turned this pain into his strength.

Mark as Mark da Beast:

Seeing people making fun of him and degrading him in public could break this guy’s confidence forever but luckily Mark found a way to channelize this pain and negative energy into something constructive and powerful. Rather than letting that pain to tear him apart, he utilized it to build up his stronger self that no one could harm anymore. He used to go to the gym every day after school filled up with anger and frustration in his mind which was provoked by their negative and insulting remarks.

He couldn’t let this pain consume his mind and body. Rather he used it as a fuel and a driving force towards getting his better self. This anger and frustration made him to keep on lifting heavy weights in the gym until his body could get exhausted and his mind could not further think about anything like that. This made me become fitter with each passing day until he became a strong fit boy with the best and stronger physique than any other high school boy could have.

A guy who was being bullied by everyone had now become the center of attention especially for all the girls of his school. His art of turning pain into power is the reason behind his success in becoming Mark da Beast.

An inspiration for thousands of people and a style icon but above all he is a happy and satisfied married person who lives with his lovely wife and has thousands of fans with whom he communicates through his posts encouraging them to have a positive mindset towards life.

It takes a lot of pain, persistence and courage to become successful. Mark that you see today was just an ordinary 16 years old high school boy. He spent these 10 years in a continuous struggle and wants to share his life experience with everyone to become a master from a sufferer.

Final Thoughts:

Mark DeWitt White is a young and enthusiastic model and actor who is adored by many fitness freaks and those who want to get a fitter physique and a chiseled body. People know him by his charm but only few know about his hardship and struggles which he faced along his journey to become a manifesting beast and a famous public figure.

Hope, his story will help many people who become victims of bullying at some point in their lives to turn their weaknesses into their strengths and turn their pains into something extraordinary. Mark tells us that rather than suffering in silence let your success make noise. Let’s spread his message of courage to everyone and say no to bullying!

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