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Improving men's health: Three expert tips and tricks to improve mental and physical health – Times Now

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Improving men's health: Three expert tips and tricks to improve mental and physical health

Improving men’s health: Three expert tips and tricks to improve mental and physical health&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

New Delhi: The basic health message is the same for every man — eat right, exercise enough, keep a lid on stress, don’t smoke and go easy on alcohol. But that said some specific pointers can help ensure Sarvagunn Sampann health.

The forced Work From Home (WFH) scenario due to the pandemic has led to a host of health concerns including lack of enough sleep, backaches, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and even rage amongst some. The latter is backed by research: a survey, titled the ‘Age of Rage’ by Tata Salt Lite indicated that men are more likely to succumb to work and tech rage. Although work-related issues are the primary cause of stress for one-in-five women (20%) respondents, the survey showed that it was actually men who flew into a rage when faced with unforeseen work and technology-related issues. In fact, 64% of male survey respondents said they would lose their temper if they were compelled to work on days off compared to 58% of women.  57% of men would lose their temper if they were told to stay back and work late on a Friday, compared to 52% of women. Moreover, 43% of men, as opposed to 35% of women, admitted they would be ‘most likely’ to be infuriated by their work colleagues. 

The survey also revealed that men are more susceptible to ‘Tech Rage’—for instance 64% of male respondents said they would fly into a temper if their phone was unplugged while charging, as opposed to 61% of their female counterparts.

Against this context, it is important to bring down stress levels and nip rage prompts in the bud. Here are a few ways to go about this:

Cut stress proactively

Anger/anxiety issues and low patience levels are common thanks to everyday stresses. But these need to be addressed right away otherwise they can lead to constant mood swings and blues, and in the long run heart issues too. 

Beat it: Chickpeas and whole grains like unpolished dals as they are nutrition powerhouses that help us reap in maximum nutritious benefits of natural nutrients along with giving food wholesome flavour.
Have them: Make gravies, curried dals, or add them to salads and soups.

Give your brain a boost

Competition is tough and you need to keep your brain at the peak. If you feel that your speed of responding to new information is waning a bit, and the memory fading too, it’s time to get your brain smart.

Beat it: The yellow wonder turmeric is a brilliant brain powering food that also strengthens the immunity and provides Sarvagunn wholesome health. Curcumin, its main active ingredient, is a potent antioxidant that protects the brain from free radical damage. People who traditionally eat a lot of turmeric have the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s.

Have it: Have a cup of Haldi milk every night. If you don’t want to have milk, you can even sip some turmeric as an infused tea. Just make sure you pick up turmeric that has its natural oils intact and has at least 3% curcumin.

Keep your blood pressure & weight in check

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading health problems of urban India especially men. Stressful lifestyles coupled with altered food habits have led to an exponential increase in the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Beat it: Make healthy changes to one’s lifestyle. While working from home, get up frequently or walk around every hour. Have home-cooked Indian traditional food instead of ordering from restaurants. Take up a form of exercise like brisk walking, yoga, swimming, etc. Ensure one gets 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. 

Have it: To control hypertension, reducing salt intake leads to having to eat bland food which many individuals do not like and find it difficult to follow. One of the ways to keep food tasty while reducing the intake of sodium is to use low sodium salt. There are low sodium salt available in the market today that are specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium salt than regular salt. Low sodium salt is also refined, iodised and potassium enriched. It is also a convenient mean to take preventive measures towards keeping the blood pressure and weight in check.


Kavita Devgan is a guest contributor. Views expressed are personal.

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