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Health tips: What essential items should your household first-aid kit contain? – The Irish News

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“A DIY first aid kit which is tailor-made for your family is much better than a ready-made one,” says pharmacist Thorrun Govind, who is on the board of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Here’s what it should contain:

:: Washproof plasters, 99p for 20, boots.com

A must-have item. Get them in different sizes to cope with both small cuts and bigger grazes.

:: Paracetamol 500mg, 75p for 32 tablets, boots.com

Paracetamol works for standard pain relief for all the family. Aspirin should not be used by under-16s, but children can take paracetamol in lower doses than adults. Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory, can help ease some pain, but check with a pharmacist if it’s suitable for you.

:: Crepe bandage, 10cm x 4.5m, £1.26, sja.org.uk (St John Ambulance)

This compression-type bandage can help reduce swelling and so is useful for sprains and strains.

:: Wound closure strips, £1 for pack of eight, tesco.com

When a cut is ragged or more than 1cm long, it can be helpful to close it with adhesive strips. Plasters are fine in most cases.

:: Superdrug professional tweezers, £1.99, superdrug.com

These are helpful for removing debris, dirt and splinters from a wound. Can also be used to help apply dressings and plasters without having to touch the area.

:: Braun Age Precision Digital Stick PRT2000 Thermometer, £15.99, boots.com

Even before the pandemic, it was sensible to own a thermometer. Above 38C is an early sign of illness.

:: Diarrhoea Relief Capsules £5.99 for 18, boots.com

These slow bowel movements and reduce the amount of water present in the stool. They can reduce the frequency of diarrhoea and give quick relief from bouts of up to a few days – if it persists, contact your GP.

:: Antiseptic wipes, 80p for ten, tesco.com

Handy if you aren’t near clean water to wash your hands, and can also clean wounds.

:: Hydrocortisone Cream, one per cent, £3.49 for 15g, lloydspharmacy.com

Can help relieve swelling, itching from insect bites and eczema. You need a pharmacist’s advice to buy this over the counter.


:: Antiseptic creams: “Water is all you need to clean a wound, or an antiseptic wipe.”

:: Antihistamine cream: “For stings and bites – but hydrocortisone cream works on these and is dual purpose.”

:: After sun lotion: “Soothe sun-exposed skin with a flannel soaked in cold water.”

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