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HEALTH TIPS: How to make accountable food desicions – Queensland Times

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Laila Jocye-Baker is a Kingaroy Personal Trainer who has shared her fitness, health and nutrition tips with South Burnett Times readers.

ACCOUNTABILITY is a very important key when it comes to achieving your mission statement.

Accountability is when you take responsibility for your choices, it’s how you reason with your choice and actions, instead of mindlessly going about your decisions.

There are many ways you can hold yourself accountable, they can involve just you, a friend or a group of people. In any case the common theme is to become answerable for your decisions.

A food picture diary is one way you can hold yourself accountable.

Take a picture of your food choices before you consume it and make a collage of your daily food.

You can either send it to a friend, industry professional or look over it yourself to see what it is you are really consuming.

Is there vibrant colour in every meal or is it beige?

Can you interject some other foods or is it well balanced in its macro nutrients. (protein, fat, carbohydrates).

Never do your groceries on a hungry tummy.

You are only setting yourself up with a week of junk food and an overpriced food bill at the end of the shop.

Always go when your body and mind is satisfied with its hunger, if it’s not in the trolley it’s not in the home, if its not in the home it’s not in the belly.

A simple but effective way to strategize around a very common danger time of food choices.

Colour in your workout days on a calendar to help you see what kind of pattern you are creating.

Is it a miss and hit kind of routine or a hit and miss one.

If you’re a visual person as I am, you need to apply a visual activity to help you hold to your mission statement.

Once you collect this data you can use it to reward your efforts.

Here is a basic example of a mission statement, that you could choose to accept.

I want to do workouts 5 days a week for 1 month.

Colour your calendar every day you workout.

If you reach that goal give yourself a reward.

Do that for 3 months and you have a new habit.

Then try it again with another aspect of your life that you are looking to change.

Your actions are the by-product of your accountability.

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