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Fitness Expert Reveals Secret To Jaden Smith's 'Remarkable' Body Transformation – DMARGE

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Fitness Expert Reveals Secret To Jaden Smith’s ‘Remarkable’ Body Transformation

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Yep, that headline reads right, we’re talking about Jaden Smith and his association with fitness. Normally one to attract attention for his outlandish clothing choices or controversial statements regarding the Illuminati and extraterrestrial life, Jaden has instead, it seems, been using the lockdown period afforded to him to bulk up.

The actor, rapper and son of Will Smith looks almost unrecognisable in a recent Instagram post, showing off a far more muscular frame than what we’re used to seeing. A scroll back through his feed reveals the new look was well on its way, with a similarly ripped photo being posted at the end of August, but go back further and it’s apparent that Jaden was always more of a ‘skinny-muscular’ guy, sporting muscular definition, but more because of a lack of any real body fat.

While we can see gym equipment in the background of his Instagram post, he hasn’t revealed his workout. So, what has Jaden done in The Pursuit Of Muscles?

We reached out to Roman Brady, Founder and CEO of Air Locker Training, an Australian-based training facility that reduces the amount of oxygen in the room to simulate altitude training, to get the full lowdown.


It’s clear from the image that Jaden has put a lot of effort into his upper body, and Roman tells us he’s most likely performed “side lateral raises to build out his delts and dips to round out his chest.”


“Bicep curls and tricep pushdowns have been used to thicken his arms, and lat pulldowns are what have helped to give his frame much much more pronounced V-frame.”

As for the washboard abs? “He is very lean, say 6-8% body fat, which comes from cardio and diet. This is what gives his abs great definition. Additionally, he would be doing a lot of crunches and sit-ups.”

We also asked Roman if he thinks Jaden’s frame is a little out of proportion (it could well be possible that Master Smith has skipped a few leg days in his quest for upper body perfection and deliberately cropped them out of the photo).

“Naturally he is an ectomorph,” – a naturally skinny body type that often finds it hard to build muscle and mass. Ectomorphs also tend to have fast metabolisms and so need to consume a huge number of calories in order to gain any real weight – “to get his body looking the way it does, he has put in a tremendous amount of work over a long period of time.”

“But yes, he has definitely neglected legs, as his leg development is poor. If he incorporated more leg days into his regime he would be a lot more proportioned and look more balanced.”


So, while Jaden’s body transformation may not quite be in a similar league to the unreal changes we’ve seen from the likes of Sergio Ramos, his more muscular look gives hope to all the skinny guys out there – although remember, if you’re trying to bulk up, make sure you get advice from reliable sources.

Just keep lifting, eating and never, ever skip leg day.

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