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Eating Healthy: WFNY Staff Chat | Waiting For Next Year – Waiting For Next Year

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Today’s Roundtable topic from @davesterling.
What are some of your favorite / best healthy food recipes or tips.

dave – Recipe tip! Grab some fresh broccoli. Cut that stuff. Toss it in a bag with some olive oil and some spices of your choice. Airfry for 10 minutes on 375 tossing halfway thru.

mgbode – Same but with asparagus.

dave – good point

andrew – Best healthy tip I recently discovered: eat Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop for snacks. With almost no fat, you can eat a huge bowl of it for just 100 calories.

scott – I’ve been on a big black bean/sweet potato kick during covid. There’s a roasted sweet potato recipe that’s been my go-to. You can make them into tacos, put them over rice, add some spinach and avocado, whatever. It’s delicious.

andrew – Sweet potato is another huge staple for me. It’s so versatile.

mgbode – I’m boring in that I enjoy most all vegetables and fruits, but I prefer them rather simplified. Dave’s guidance above is about as fancy as I get.

davesterling – We got a gift from my sister of a Penzey’s gift box, there were some great spice blends in there which really add a ton of flavor to otherwise boring stuff.

andrew – I think I already shared this internally, but anabolic french toast is amazing, too. For two slices of bread, mix 115g liquid egg whites, 15g protein powder (flavor of your choice), and cinnamon. Whisk in a bowl, then dip bread in let it absorb the mixture. Then heat in a skillet for a few minutes on each side to desired firmness/crispiness. Use sugar free syrup on top. Then enjoy. It’s absolutely loaded with protein and extremely low in fat and calories. You’ve got around 120 calories from the egg whites and protein powder (depending on which kind of protein you use, this can vary). Then just add the calories from the bread and maybe 20 calories for the syrup.

scott – That sounds amazing

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