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Dor Eckstein: Guiding People to Proper Body Transformation – San Francisco Examiner

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Dor Eckstein

It’s easy to forget about the harmful effects of junk food when you eat it. But when you see yourself in the mirror with a fat belly instead of flat abs, you come to your senses. You immediately want to lose weight by exercising and going on a strict diet, hoping to get in shape within a few days. But that’s not how your body works.

Fat is not an on/off switch that you can simply flip to transform your body. You need to lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you stay in shape. And how do you do that? Well, you can get in touch with Dor Eckstein, an Israeli fitness guru who has been transforming the bodies of thousands of people. With more than 9,000 satisfied clients, you can safely say that you are in good hands if you choose Dor as your fitness instructor.

Dor’s enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition

Dor comes from a family of overweight members. Even he was overweight until the age of 15. But it wasn’t what he desired. He wanted to look like some of the slimmer kids in his school. And so, he decided to sign up for a gym where a fitness instructor took over the responsibility of bringing him into the perfect shape that he had wanted. He not only gave him various exercises but also changed his diet.

Dor followed his instructor’s advice religiously. In a few months, Dor noticed significant changes in how he looked and felt. He was slim like he had imagined and was feeling healthier than ever.

This transformation in his life fueled Dor to learn more about fitness and nutrition. He started studying how different foods react in the body and what you can do to get rid of fat and get in shape.

Dor was always keen to know the science behind how diets work to recommend different diets according to his clients’ body structure. That is why you will see Dor testing your fat percentage, body structure, and metabolic rate before suggesting any exercise or diet plan.

How Dor assesses his clients

One of the reasons why Dor is so efficient as a fitness instructor is he wants to go into the root cause of what’s causing the change in your body. If you are getting fat, what is putting on those extra pounds? He wants to clarify his doubts during the face to face conversation with the client in his clinic or via video call. Once he gets his answers, he uses his knowledge and experience to formulate personalized diet plans and exercise sessions that transform your body in a few months.

His diet plans don’t consist of anything extravagant that will force you to eat something you don’t like. Similarly, his exercise sessions are not too intense and exhaustive. You can quickly achieve your fitness goals if you follow his instructions.

Dor’s experience in this field makes him a celebrated fitness instructor in Israel. With more than 9,000 happy clients under him, it shows his knowledge and confidence in fitness and nutrition, making him one of the best in the business.

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