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Timmins Times columnist Diane Armstrong

Back in January, a long 10 months ago, I made a resolution to rid my home of clutter and lose at least 20 pounds. I was going to adhere firmly to the adage, “Less is More”.

Something happened along the way. For lack of a better excuse, I am blaming the coronavirus called COVID-19.

Regarding the clutter, I haven’t made any more headway with that, than I have with the weight loss. I’m an inveterate paper saver. I read newspapers and periodicals – both in their old-fashioned form and online. I cut up more paper and save it daily than the average home brings in weekly. When I see something online that I like, I hit “print” and get a hard copy. So much for the paper-less society.

Then I read Colleen Moulding’s advice on how to get rid of paper clutter. She advocates the five boxes method. First you have to get five boxes. Then you label them thusly: Rubbish, Give Away, Keep, Sentimental and Not Sure.

Next, Colleen advocates putting on a tape of upbeat music and make sure you have some good snacks in the fridge.

Ah, finally a solution to my problem and an explicit instruction to indulge in my favourite snack – chocolate! I chose a day when I would not be disturbed and started re-reading the piles of clippings. After a couple of hours, I took the boxes marked, Give Away, Sentimental and Not Sure, crushed them and put them in the one marked Rubbish. Those four boxes were dutifully put in the recycling bin for the next garbage pickup. All the saved papers were in the Keep box. I was back at the starting line, so made a beeline to the fridge for a snack.

I know that the way to the weight loss is through diet and exercise. I’ve got a tonne of magazines that will advise me about both. Unfortunately, those magazines cover just about every flat surface in the house and I’m not sure which ones have the diet plan that is right for me. I keep tripping over them on my way to the fridge.

I did remember though, that one of those diet plans bore the name of a woman. Around my birthday in March, I thought it was time to follow that one. Unfortunately, I confused Laura Secord with Jenny Craig. Several pounds of dark chocolate almond bark later, I was even further away from my goal of 20 pounds.

While looking for ways to curb my appetite, I would often find myself at the drive-through at my neighbourhood Tim Hortons. I love their chocolate chip muffins as well as their coffee – with 18 per cent cream.

Eating on the run has other disadvantages. I feel guilty ordering anything that isn’t on the Noom diet, so for lunch, instead of a Big Mac, I’ll order a junior sized one. An hour later, I’m hungry again. A Coffee Crisp chocolate bar “makes a nice, light snack” and then the edge is taken off my appetite for the next meal. I eat a light supper and by bedtime I am hungry again – totally forgetting that “Eat after eight, gain lots of weight.”

Everywhere I turn these days, there are admonitions about having a clutter-filled house and the overweight people epidemic. A scan of television channels will show you how to get rid of clutter, but I have a problem with the word “epidemic”.

I know I tip the scales more than I should, because of a chosen lifestyle. I like sweets. I choose to like sweets. Therefore, it’s a habit or an indulgence, not an epidemic. Just that word, epidemic causes me stress. The coronavirus is an epidemic and stress makes me hungry. Now, where did I hide that last piece of Laura Secord almond bark? I hope I didn’t throw it out in the scrap paper box marked Rubbish.

When COVID-19 is declared over, I vow to get back to de-cluttering my stashes of paper and go on a diet. That should give me enough time to finish that industrial-sized jar of dark chocolate covered almonds first.

That’s my view from Over the Hill.

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