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CHICAGO (WLS) — It’s something plenty of people experience: the winter blues.

It’s cold, it’s gray outside and you just feel down. The good news is there are foods you can eat to feel happier!

Karina Heinrich is a nutritionist and celebrity health coach.

She says there are plenty of food already in your home that can help you feel happier and less stressed this winter.

First, high fiber and clean carbs. Think berries, bananas, and oats.

Then, you’ve got healthy fats. Those include flax seeds, walnuts, and salmon.

When it comes to lean proteins, there are more options than just turkey and chicken. You can also consider eggs, beans and lentils.

Don’t forget your liquids! She says your morning coffee can help you start the day happier.

And then there are foods to avoid: sugar. But, she says, if you want something sweet go for dark chocolate.

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