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75+ Healthy Foods for Back-to-Basics Wellness – Greatist

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Food Nutrients Why it’s good for you apples fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants An apple a day, right? It’ll fill you up between meals, keep you regular, and pack in some vitamins at the same time. avocados Healthy fat alert! Avo also has potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. Fat is brain food. Do we really need another reason to order more avo toast? bananas potassium, vitamin B-6, and fiber Potassium is essential for everything from brain function to heart health. Maybe the saying should be “A banana a day…” 🤔 blueberries antioxidants and fiber These juicy little numbers are packed with antioxidants to help you fight off sickness, among other benefits. oranges vitamin C, baby Oranges are the OG vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C helps keep your immune system running smoothly. strawberries vitamin C, fiber, and manganese These babies are low carb, delicious, and packed with vitamins. Need we say more? eggs protein, protein, protein Eggs once had a bad reputation as a cholesterol bomb, but recent research suggests they’re perfectly healthy. They’re also tiny packages of protein goodness. lean beef protein + iron Lean beef is the king of protein sources. The fact that it’s rich in energizing iron is the cherry on top. chicken breasts protein + B-complex vitamins Chicken isn’t as high in protein as lean beef, but it is lower in fat. It’s an all-star in the protein department. lamb protein (again) + omega-3 fatty acids Most lambs are grass-fed, which means they’re likely to be lean and packed with nutrients. The omega-3s are good for your heart. almonds vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber Aside from adding a bit of protein, a handful of almonds boosts your vitamin and mineral intake. chia seeds Get this: 1 oz of chia seeds = 11 g of fiber + magnesium, calcium, and manganese There’s a reason chia seed pudding is like a secret superfood dessert. Chia seeds keep your gut regular while loading you up with essential minerals. coconuts fiber and fatty acids (medium-chain triglycerides, aka MCTs, to be exact) Sure, coconuts taste like heaven. But their MCTs, which promote ketosis, really set this plant apart. macadamia nuts healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals Macadamia nuts are crunchy and full of healthy nutrients like vitamin E and magnesium. walnuts healthy fatty acids, alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids, and other common nutty nutrients Research suggests eating walnuts on the reg could lower cholesterol, which can reduce your chance of a heart attack. asparagus vitamin K What’s better than popping a vitamin K supplement? Noshing on low carb, low cal roasted asparagus. bell peppers antioxidants + vitamin C These colorful beauties boost your immune system in the crunchiest, yummiest way. broccoli vitamins C and K, fiber, and even a bit of protein! Protein in a veggie? Plant eaters, enjoy your vitamin-induced healthy hair and immune boost on the side. carrots beta carotene, vitamin K, and antioxidants The same beta carotene that makes carrots orange will convert to vitamin A in your body, promoting healthy skin. cauliflower sulforaphane, fiber, and several minerals Research suggests sulforaphane (try saying that three times fast) could protect against heart disease. cucumber vitamin K and other nutrients… plus, hydration! TBH, cukes are mostly water. This makes them a super-healthy low carb snack that also sneaks in a few vitamins. garlic bioactive organosulfur compounds Science says bioactive compounds in this Italian cuisine mainstay are so powerful they’ll weaken your cold and flu symptoms. Garlic knots 4evah. kale vitamins C and K, fiber, and… is salad a nutrient? We all know leafy greens are the lifeblood of superfood green smoothies and crunchy summer salads. Kale is fibrous and rocking that vitamin life. onions nutrient-dense — full of a vitamin/mineral combo Love ’em or hate ’em, these bad boys offer a nutritional bang for your caloric buck. (See what we did there?) tomatoes vitamin C and potassium It’s a vitamin-rich fruit so low in sugar that it acts like a vegetable. How much more #wholesome could it be? salmon omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and protein Did you know consuming omega-3s on the reg could help you live longer? Maximize your benefits by eating salmon on a bed of greens or with a helping of healthy berries and other fruits. sardines Loaded with nutrients, sardines are a perfectly balanced food. Since you eat the whole sardine, you get the benefits of organs, bones, and brain nutrients. Yum! shellfish lots o’ protein, fatty acids, and micronutrients like B-12 and iron Clams, mollusks, and oysters are nutritionally dense, so you’ll get a mini health boost in every bite. shrimp protein, selenium, B-12, and more This is one of your best high protein, low fat hors d’oeuvre options. trout same nutrients as salmon, different taste (variety is the spice of life!) Trout = a toast to long life, glowing skin, and strong muscles and bones! tuna lean protein + all the amino acids your body desires Low in fat and high in protein, tuna is energizing, heart-friendly, and super healthy in general. Just watch your mercury intake. brown rice fiber, vitamin B-1, and magnesium There’s a reason brown rice is such a staple all around the world. It’s an affordable, nutritious way to fill up on fiber. oats beta-glucan (nutritious fiber) Science says beta-glucan helps with high cholesterol. A 2011 review of studies found that people who ate oats with at least 3 g of beta-glucan daily reduced their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by up to 7%. quinoa fiber + magnesium Superfood alert! Quinoa is on the A-list of health foods for its tasty take on plant-based protein and fiber. Ezekiel bread packed with healthy whole grains and legumes While many breads are full of simple carbs, Ezekiel bread is made from organic sprouted whole grains. homemade low carb breads grains, fiber, and any extra nutrients you throw in The healthiest bread is probs the one you whip up yourself. But stick to nutritionally dense ingredients like whole grains, sprouted grains, and nutrient-packed nuts and seeds. green beans a rich source of vitamins A, C, and K. It’s important to rinse and drain canned green beans to reduce sodium content. kidney beans fiber, vitamins, minerals Like green beans, kidney beans offer a veg-tastic protein option. Just make sure to cook them fully — raw kidney beans are literally toxic. lentils fiber + protein Lentils are a vegan favorite because they’re tasty, versatile, and full of meatless protein. peanuts antioxidants + protein Peanuts are an easy, breezy energy boost… just watch the salt. cheese calcium, protein, and (sometimes!) probiotics Let all the cheesemongers breathe a sigh of relief. Despite getting bashed as a tummy-turning artery clogger, certain types of fromage are great for strengthening your bones and boosting gut health. whole milk calcium, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals Calcium strengthens your bones, teeth, and muscles. yogurt probiotics FTW! Yogurt is the OG tonic for good gut health. butter (from grass-fed cows!) calcium, vitamin K-2, and omega-3 fatty acids Research suggests vitamin K-2 could be beneficial for bone health and heart health. And springing for grass-fed butter means you’re getting more vitamin K, healthy fats, and omega-3s. coconut oil MCTs, baby! MCTs are known to help with memory, and coconut oil itself could help burn belly fat. EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) antioxidants + monounsaturated fats The healthy fats in extra-virgin olive oil give your body the fat it needs without all the stuff it doesn’t. It doesn’t hurt to have a few antioxidants on the side! potatoes potassium, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals Aside from nourishing your body with healthy vitamins and minerals, potatoes are just plain satisfying. In a 1995 study of 38 foods, boiled potatoes took the prize as “most filling”! sweet potatoes antioxidants, fiber, B vitamins, and several other micronutrients Sweet potatoes are often touted as being healthier than their basic white counterparts. In reality, they’re equally healthy. But sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index, in case you’re watching your blood sugar. apple cider vinegar acetic acid ACV is praised as an immune booster, a weight loss elixir, and more. dark chocolate magnesium + oodles of antioxidants Can we just say that dark chocolate is the healthiest dessert on the planet? Since science says the cacao seeds are a legit “super fruit,” yes, yes we can.

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