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7 health care lessons and tips to learn from Samantha Akkineni – PINKVILLA

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Samantha Akkineni is a big-time health freak and every day she gives health goals to her fans. Let’s find out about her health tips that should be followed by us as well.

Samantha Akkineni is huge health enthusiast and she keeps her fans and followers updated with all the healthy tips and hacks that she learned or has been following all this while. Just like any health freak, she makes sure to eat clean and workout without fail. The actress does gym-based workout, yoga, mediation for better physical and mental health. Her Instagram stories are full of yummy and healthy dishes that she has been eating and learning to cook. 

She also shares recipes and glimpses of her food items. Of late, she has been growing nutritious food items at her home. For the unversed, she declared her love and passion for gardening in one post. The actress posted her picture along with her homegrown butterhead lettuce and wrote, “I finally found something I am passionate about that is not part of my job.” Today we have compiled all the healthy things Oh!Baby actress follows and these are worth followed by all of us.

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1. Yoga

She keeps sharing pictures of herself doing tough yoga and ariel yoga poses among others. In one of the posts, she wrote how apart from gardening, she also enjoys doing yoga especially because she does it with her hubby Naga Chaitanya. We cannot stress more on the importance of yoga. There are innumerable benefits of it including better flexibility, muscle strength, posture, spine, bone health, blood circulation, immunity and blood pressure among others.

2. Healthy dishes

Her Instagram handle is proof that she eats only healthful foods. Dishes like wheatgrass shot, coconut yogurt, green smoothie, chia seed pudding are part of her daily diet. For the unversed, for breakfast and snacks, she likes to eat avocados, eggs and sweet potatoes. For lunch and dinner, she eats fish or lamb with millets and veggies. Her cheat days comprises of spicy foods, prawns and biryani.

3. Organic food items

If you follow her on Instagram, then you must have noticed that she has a great penchant for gardening. She has grown several organic food items. The Super Deluxe actress keeps sharing pictures of butterhead lettuce, wheatgrass, herbs and other organic foods that she has been growing.

4.Bio enzyme cleaner

Samantha recently shared about lesser-known chemical-free and natural cleaner called bio enzyme cleaners. One can prepare the same from fermenting citrus peels. She revealed how one can clean floors, bathroom, glass with it. It can also be used for dishwashing, laundry, etc. A part of the caption reads, “Bioenzymes contain good bacteria which breakdown stains and grime from a multitude of household surfaces. Bioenzymes are natural cleaners and can keep your house free from the nasty and toxic chemical cleaners. Also, they are great going down your drain. Apparently 1 litre of bioenzyme can decontaminate 1000 litres of water, so you help your environment too.” Check out her post for more details.

5. Isha Kriya

Mediation is one of the best ways to keep mental health in check. As per Isha Foundation, with the help of Isha Kriya one can get in touch with the source of their existence and its daily practice brings health, dynamism, peace and wellbeing. It is a great tool to cope with the hectic and fast-paced life. In one of the posts, Samantha wrote how she is starting her 48 days of the Isha kriya journey. 

6. Steaming

Steaming works wonders for dehydrated skin. She recommended the same once or twice a week. For the unversed, steam helps to open pores and loosen buildup of dirt, white and blackheads for better cleansing. This is not all, it also promotes circulation, it leads to better absorption of skincare products, promotes collagen and elastin. It also helps people to get rid of sinus congestion.

7. Wake up early, meditate, hydrate, have positive thoughts and drink ACV etc.

Samantha recently took to her Instagram to dole out for fitness inspo for her fans and followers. She posted a beautiful picture of herself and wrote, “We wake up early. Meditate. Positive thoughts. Take that apple cider vinegar. Cleanse both body and mind. Pamper self with long skincare routine. Exercise. Hydrate. More positive thoughts and game face on yo.” Wow! So many tips in one go. It is very important to follow each of the tips for better health.

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