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5 vital health tips to boost immunity, stay healthy during COVID-19 – Times Now

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5 vital health tips to boost immunity, stay healthy during COVID-19

5 vital health tips to boost immunity, stay healthy during COVID-19 &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Here are 5 vital health tips to boost immunity, stay healthy during COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect with the Soil, Boost your immunity

For those who are in some way in contact with the soil, especially now with the virus, your ability to resist such invasions upon your life will be greatly enhanced. At least once in three days, just put your hands and feet in the soil. Get involved with the soil in a very loving manner. If you have a small patch of a garden, you can work there or you can volunteer in someone else’s garden. Being connected with the soil will make a phenomenal difference in the way your physical body functions. 

Eat more raw food

All the ingredients necessary for digesting food are not in the body alone; the food also brings these enzymes. When you cook the food, you are largely destroying these enzymes. Now your body has to struggle to reconstruct that which been destroyed; only then it can digest. Food is for energy, but we are making the food in such a way that it takes away energy in the first 1.5 hours after eating. Only after that, energy slowly comes back. So it is best to consume 40-50 per cent of your food in raw form, that is, it must be alive – a live cell. It can be a vegetable, fruit, nut, or sprouted gram.

Take a shower before you sleep

Always go for cold or lukewarm showers, not hot showers, in the night before bed. It will make you alert. You will fall asleep 20-30 minutes later, but you will sleep better. This is because when you shower it is not just the dirt on the skin that you are taking away. Have you noticed, if you are very tensed and anxious, just one shower and you almost feel like a burden has been lifted from you? When water flows over your body, a certain purification happens. 

Detoxify your body: Drink water with care

Water has a tremendous memory. There have been many experiments in this direction. Let us say your tap water from the waterworks was pumped forcefully through fifty bends, and then up to your apartment. They say after going through these bends, about 60 per cent of the water has turned poisonous. When it comes in the tap, if you immediately drink it, it will work as a poison in your system. If you take it and hold it for some time, it will undo itself again – because the poisoning is not chemical but on the molecular level. 

This is why traditionally it is said that you must always gather the water, keep it overnight in your house in a properly cleaned vessel with vibhuti, kumkum and a flower on it. You drink it only the next morning. You never drink the water as soon as it comes, because it carries all kinds of memories. Give it enough time so that it is suitable for you to drink. You must take enormous care about water; it makes up seventy-two per cent of your body. 

Give your stomach a break!

An empty stomach and hunger are two different things. Hunger means your energy levels start dropping, but an empty stomach is a good thing. Your body and your brain work at their best only when your stomach is empty.

In Yoga, we eat in such a way that the stomach becomes empty within 2.5 hours. It is recommended that between one meal and the next there is an 8-hour gap. If you do this, you will see that a minimum of 50 per cent of your health problems will go away in six weeks’ time.


Sadhguru is a guest contributor. Views expressed are personal.

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