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5 Health Tips To Prevent A Sedentary Lifestyle During Home Lockdown – NDTV

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So COVID-19 has you locked down in your house for the near future. Until now, the plan of action has either included being holed up with your laptop at a desk, snug under the covers in bed or on the couch in front of the TV. Did you notice what’s common between all the spots you’ve been frequenting for the past couple of weeks? They involve you sitting, lounging, sleeping or lying down. Stay-at-home orders have confined us to the 4 walls of our homes and whether we’d like to admit or not, sluggishness has crept it. Suddenly there’s lethargy to walk to the fridge, get the remote or even open the door. Whatever you do, sinking into a sedentary lifestyle definitely isn’t something you should get used to as it can increase the risk of multiple health conditions.

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Stop Yourself From Becoming Sedentary During Home Lockdown

Fortunately, it’s possible to shrug off the laziness and make conscious efforts to be more active even at home.

1. Take Step Breaks

The great advantage of wearing a fitness tracker is that most notify you to take a walk every couple of hours to meet your step goal which you should pay attention to. If you do not own one, set an alarm every hour or so as a reminder to take a few rounds of your living or bedroom. When watching TV, every time there is a commercial break, take a stroll around the house and come back.

2. Talk And Work Standing

The next time you receive a phone call, speak while standing or pacing back and forth. When working from home, set your laptop or desktop on an elevated platform so that you can work standing up for a short span of your work day.

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3. Do The Chores

With the absence of house help, now is a better time than any to pick up your share of the household chores. Whether it is scrubbing pans, mopping floors or polishing furniture, it will keep you on your feet and leave the house gleaming.

4. Workout At Home

Being at home isn’t any excuse to skip exercise. There are a variety of celebrity-recommended routines on YouTube and Instagram which are available for free. So whether it’s yoga or dance fitness, pick your poison to sweat it off.

5. Play With Your Kids

If you are surrounded by children or nieces and nephews who are in the age group where they plant themselves on the floor and play with their toys, join them. Build fictional characters and chase them around the room to amuse them while being physical.

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