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4 weight loss tips that can help promote healthier living – Lincolnshire Today

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Thanks to the overwhelming prevalence of diabetes globally, with the Health Survey for England estimating that over 28% of adults are obese, the internet is alive with articles about how to lose weight fast and get into shape. Unfortunately, many of the diets and solutions that are touted online do not offer long-term solutions to the problem of excessive weight, especially the fad diets that involve restrictive diets that are often broken before they can make a positive impact.

The good news is that there are ways that dieters can shed their excess weight without the need for restrictive diets that require them to spend hours preparing meals that they ultimately don’t want to eat. This article outlines four weight loss tips designed to help people live a healthier life overall and not just lose some weight temporarily.

Focus on eating healthier rather than losing weight

The first tip involves a change in the way people look at dieting. While the primary goal of dieting for many people may be to lose weight, people must understand that this is not enough to keep a person motivated in the long run. This is because every diet will eventually lead to a plateau, which can discourage people from carrying on with any good habits they may have established during the dieting process. For this reason, people looking to lose weight should focus on building and maintaining healthy eating habits rather than the numbers on a scale.

Unfortunately for many people, finding the time to make and eat three nutritionally balanced meals a day is difficult. For this reason, meal replacement diet plans have become extremely popular in recent times. These types of diet plans have dieters replace at least one (more often two) of their everyday meals with a premade meal like a shake, soup, or bar that can offer the same nutritional value as a full meal but in less overall calories.

Diet plans from reputable sources such as Shake That Weight are affordable and flexible and offer dieters a variety of meal replacements in various types and flavours to ensure that their diet doesn’t feel boring or repetitive, which is often the reason why dieters drop out of shake-based diets. Shake That Weight diet plans can be custom-fit to suit most people’s needs and their wide range of products are specially formulated to provide customers with 100% of their daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

Restrictions make cheating more likely

While logic may dictate that eating less unhealthy foods should result in weight loss, in the long run, the kind of diets that focus on restricting calories are often unsuccessful thanks in part to the physiological impact that restrictions can cause. According to the dieting and nutrition experts, strict diet plans that make no room for a person to enjoy some of their favourite foods create feelings of being deprived and often result in emotional eating. The subsequent feelings of failure created by “cheating” on a diet often lead to people ditching the diet altogether, even if it was working initially.

To combat this effect, dieters should find a diet plan that allows for some flexibility in their meals so that they can incorporate some of their favourite foods into their meal plan. Meal replacement plans such as the ones offered by Shake That Weight give dieters the ability to choose what they want to eat for at least one meal a day. The meal replacements for the other meals are then specifically chosen to provide the dieter with the remaining number of calories, vitamins, and minerals they will need for their day that will promote weight loss. This type of diet ensures that dieters do not feel the weight of their restrictions as heavily as they would with traditional diets, resulting in fewer broken diets.

Plan today, lose tomorrow

The evening meal is often a dealbreaker when it comes to dieting, and for good reason. After a person has finished a long day at work, the temptation to grab something quick and easy to eat rather than try to plan out and prepare a full, balanced meal is often overwhelming, which results in people breaking their diet. By planning out all the week’s meals, or even just a few meals in advance, dieters can avoid the temptation of fast food more easily, especially if they have already prepared the meal and it just needs to go into the oven.

Practice mindful eating

While the number of calories that a person consumes plays a key role in weight loss, other aspects involved in the process of eating have also been shown to affect weight loss. Mindful eating, in particular, has been shown to have a positive impact on weight loss. By focusing on the food that they are eating, and eating it slowly in a distraction-free environment, dieters will have a better idea of how much food they need to feel full, which decreases the likelihood of them overeating.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy; however, with the right mindset and a focus on eating healthy rather than counting calories, dieters can achieve their weight loss goals and start living their best life.

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