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15 Easy Diet And Lifestyle Changes That May Do Wonders For Weight Loss – NDTV Food

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  • Losing weight is not too difficult if you do it the right way.
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle play a huge role.
  • Make these easy diet changes to facilitate weight loss.

Do you find yourself all tuckered out from a long gym session only to be disappointed at seeing your weighing scale hardly tipping down? Take stock of your weight loss regime and get out of the rut with a fool-proof, all-encompassing plan to achieve your fitness goal. Exercising is good for weight loss but it’s not everything. A strategic diet plan coupled with healthy lifestyle is the key to shed excessive weight. You don’t have to go the whole hog; taking tiny steps, but on a regular basis, will help you adjust to the new routine and lose weight effectively that will be visible on your weighing scale too.

Here Are 15 Easy Diet And Lifestyle Changes That May Help You Lose Weight:

1. Continue Exercising

You don’t have to break sweat, but sweat it out in the gym to lose weight gradually. Fitness should be on the top of your mind.

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Workout is an important part of weight loss regime. 

2. Make Weekly Diet Chart

Often times, we want to eat healthy meals but in the absence of the right foods and ingredients, we jump to cooking whatever can be cooked at that time. Plan your week’s diet in advance and stock your kitchen with necessary groceries.

3. Control Your Craving

We are not asking you to forego your appetite completely; but you can use discretion while satiating your cravings for your favourite junk and high-fat foods. Make it ‘sometimes’ instead of ‘all the time’.

4. Use A Reward System

Reward yourself with something you desire, like buying a beautiful dress or that new X-Box machine, only after you lose a significant amount of weight in a month’s time. Motivation works!

5. Dine Early

We know you’ve heard it a million times but there’s no harm in reminding you yet again. Eating dinner early lets your body digest food properly and give you a good night’s sleep.

6. Fix Morning Ritual

Start your day early with a warm glass of lemon water or herb/spice-infused water. This would help fasten your metabolism. Don’t break out with caffeine at the break of dawn.

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You can have lemon water in the form of lemon tea as well
Photo Credit: iStock

7. Get Rid Of Junk Foods

All those packets of chips and processed or instant foods sitting comfortably in your cabinet scream ‘fat’. Throw them out before you are tempted to finish them off.

8. Avoid Sugar

Adding artificial sweetness to your meals is a recipe for disaster. Instead, choose healthier options like honey, jaggery and fruits.

9. Chew Slowly

Even if you are eating healthy foods, make it a point to chew them slowly and enjoy all the flavours. Eating fast will only mess with your digestion and you may also end up eating more than your tummy wanted.

10. Water Therapy

Yes, we know that you already know it, but why do you still forget it? Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday if you want to lose weight faster. Fuller stomach will demand lesser food.

11. Go Green

If you are a tea or coffee addict, try replacing a couple of cups of the day with caffeine-free herbal tea, green tea, spiced tea or desi kadha.

12. Watch Your Portion

It is a proven fact that our stomach indicates it is full much later after we are done wiping off our plate. Start controlling your portions gradually and see if you are satiated with what you ate.

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Eat the amount of food that your stomach wants.

13. Keep Distractions At Bay

If you want to listen to your stomach and want it to warn you when you overeat, you need to keep your senses clear from distractions. Switch off the T.V, mute your phone, shut down the laptop, and enjoy your meal with all your attention.

14. Start Cooking

Believe us, when you’ll spend more time in your kitchen, you’ll understand and appreciate the bounty of food; and who knows you may be able to fix yourself healthy meals that please your taste buds too.

15. Add Health To Your Plate

Last, but definitely not the least, try filling up your plate with more healthy foods. Pair your sandwich with a side of salad or use fruits and desserts to fill up your dessert bowl.

These simple but powerful diet tips will work a great deal in making you fit and feel fresh and healthy. Take each day as it comes.


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