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13 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling – TravelAwaits

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6. Consistently Move (And Don’t Let Disruptions Prevent Exercising)

Travel is full of disruptions. Whenever my routine has been interrupted, I require of myself only a minimal three reps of any exercise — three push-ups, three planks, three lunges. After all, anyone can do three, right? (Incidentally, these are bodyweight exercises that require no equipment and that use the body for leverage — perfect for travel).

I practice the Japanese concept of kaizen: small actions, no matter how puny, to get me over the hump.

7. Go On A Car Diet!

Barry and I always stay in walkable neighborhoods and plan to get around on foot or on bicycle (our own or one of the bikes you can now rent in many cities all over the world). When we explore, we let curiosity guide us. You can find the “walkability score” of most neighborhoods here.

8. Think Movement, Not Exercise

“Exercise” is a modern concept: structured, timed, and often costing money, whereas movement is free and available anywhere and anytime. Movement is part of travel’s DNA because the whole point of going somewhere new and unfamiliar is to wander around and look at things.

9. Aim For Three Different Types Of Movement A Day

Cross-training is really helpful to the body because it means more muscles get toned and strengthened and no one part of the body is strained. It’s easier than it sounds. Say you’re at a beach: You could swim, walk barefoot on the sand, and stretch. Or ride a bike and do yoga and push-ups. Or swing, go on a jog, and lift weights.

10. Use A Pedometer

You can buy a fancy, pricey Fitbit, but a drugstore pedometer costs as little as $15, and, in my case, is just as good a motivator. While 10,000 paces is the recommended goal, on days when I go most places on foot, I easily reach 15,000.

11. Bring Portable Fitness Tools

Happily, the world of fitness has gone small, lightweight, portable, affordable, and convenient — perfect for people traveling.

Fitness tools are easiest to bring on road trips, but depending on their size and bulk, you could bring some of them on planes, too. Here are the ones Barry and I have taken on trips: an inflatable kayak and paddleboard, folding bikes, collapsible walking poles, a collapsible weighted hula hoop, backpacks, hiking shoes, inline skates, a kettlebell, a frisbee, and resistance bands.

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