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10 Tips to Survive Fad Diets and Workout Trends – Unreserved Media

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The key to good health and fitness isn’t in newfound whacky diet and workout plans. It’s simpler than you think. Nutrition and wellness coach Marissa Parry debunks wellness myths and breaks down the formula for a healthy lifestyle.

Determine the right diet plan

healthy oatmeal for workout
Fuel up the right way. Photo: Unsplash

We are all unique and diets are not a one size fits all – we’re referring to textbook diets out there. You need to take into consideration any health issues, activity level, the type of food available, and what your likes and dislikes are, which are often overlooked if you’re eyeing a quick solution. Speak to a professional who can take out the guesswork and design your diet for you.

Workout woes

workout diet
Determine your workout and diet plan. Photo: Unsplash

Figure out what your goal is, whether it’s weight loss, maintenance, increasing muscle mass or sport-specific. This will help narrow down what is suitable for you. Set aside some key factors to find the right workout regime; find one that is fun for you because if you don’t enjoy what you do, then it won’t last.

When a diet plan goes bust

diet plan
When it all goes wrong. Photo: Unsplash

When a diet rules your life and you feel stressed about eating, you will tend to count every calorie and your macros obsessively, thus turning every meal into a calorie counting mission. It’s good to use some of these tools to obtain a better understanding of food, but once it becomes an obsession and you don’t enjoy eating, then the diet has ruled your life.

Steer clear of diet fads

Which diet plan would you choose? Photo: Unsplash

All the keto, low carb, Whole 30 diets out there may seem effective but any meal plan that claims you can lose more than two kilos a week should be avoided. Healthy weight loss is between half a kilo to a kilo per week. It shows you are making sustainable changes and that the weight you are losing will most likely stay off.

Create that diet plan

meal plan
Find what works best for you. Photo: Unsplash

Whether you’re fulfilling long term or short goals, it’s best to design a diet that is unique to you and suits your lifestyle. Pushing fad diets aside, cutting out processed sugar and white carbs, filling half your plate with vegetables and the other half with protein (plant-based and animal protein) and carbs such as potatoes, pumpkin, quinoa and cauliflower rice and eating good fats such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil, is key to fuelling your body with nutritious food at every meal.

Detox drink benefits debunked

detox drinks
Does it really work? Photo: Unsplash

Detox drink plans are a big no-no. Many people do it to lose weight, and that’s the wrong way. Of course the weight will drop off when you cut your calories drastically but the same can be achieved by consuming only 500 calories a day. There are no juice plans that have been proven to detox and many of them make their own claims. However, reducing what you eat and cleaning up your diet can certainly help the body to work better.

Should we buddy up?

workout partner
Two is better than one. Photo: Unsplash

When it comes to working out, it helps to have a workout buddy or a community as this adds to the fun element. It becomes more of a social activity as you’re killing two birds with one stone – hanging out with friends and burning calories! As for a diet partner, being part of a diet such as keto or intermittent fasting has helped people lose weight as the community support helps them power through.

Is no pain, no gain a legit mantra?

man working out
Avoid burning yourself out. Photo: Unsplah

Let’s be sensible. If you’re referring to workouts, there is an element of pain that needs to be felt for progress. If you are constantly working out and feel no discomfort, then there will be little improvement.

Stick to your guns

weighing scale
Know what works best ans stick to it. Photo: Unsplash

When you have found the perfect diet plan and workout routine, it will automatically become a lifestyle instead of a short-term routine. You’ll find it easy to prepare your own food, and make good choices when you are out. That way you can include foods that are usually restricted into your diet without feeling guilty or calling it a treat.

I exercise a lot so I can eat more

Cheat day? Photo: Unsplash

Your entire day’s food should focus on preparing for and recovering from exercise. Reduce your calorie consumption on days you don’t work out, and increase it on the days you do. Hunger is the body’s way of asking to be refuelled, so don’t ignore a rumbling stomach.

Stronger cravings might be signs of your body and brain adapting to a new set of physical challenges, but craving lots of treats may also be the mind’s way of asking for rewards and comfort food. Try to distinguish between physical hunger and the emotional desire to eat.

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